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Where high tech leads to high net

The right tool in the right hands makes all the difference.

No technology can replace the skill and expertise of the people using it. Technology is a tool, although a critical tool. At Sterne Agee, we provide you everything you need to serve your clients as effectively as possible.

We offer custom technology focused on the way you like to do business, with a choice of connectivity options. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to have immediate access to the information you need, including: Online Account Workbook, Statements and Confirm Manager, Real-time Quote System, Order Entry, Research and Product Resources, Online Procedure Manuals, and Online Forms.

Our technology resources cover these general areas:

Interactive Data Corp (IDC) quotation system and eCustody customer access interface: IDC represents the state-of-the-art in quotation systems and is available to your representatives via the Internet. Options include real-time quotes, news, charts, market guides, and more. The eCustody interface provides representatives up-to-date, user-friendly access to client account information, trade information, and numerous report features. Your clients have access to account information, news, research, real-time quotes, and more! Clients can also access trade confirmations and monthly statements online. Your representatives enjoy online access to research (proprietary and subscription), up-to-date market information, product reference information, business forms, upcoming events, etc.

Online Trading: Correspondents have the ability to allow clients to trade online. This option is determined by the Correspondent and may be available to one or all of your clients at your discretion. Appropriate Risk Management restrictions can also be applied at your discretion.